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K&F Industries supplies high quality biscuit products to South Africa’s food industry. We have been fortunate to produce top quality biscuit products for some of the world’s most renowned food brands.

Our length and breadth of industry experience, coupled with our commitment to upholding high manufacturing standards, has earned us a reputation for producing some of the finest biscuit products.

K&F Industries’ biscuit product range includes biscuit bits, biscuit gems, biscuit tots, and many more.

Each biscuit is shaped, textured and flavoured to client specifications, further reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction. Typical flavours include cocoa, vanilla, and coconut.

Our biscuit products have found use in a wide range of confectionery and snack foods. They are all Halaal and Kosher certified. 

We are able to customise and develop new products as per customer requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information

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