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Our History

K&F Industries was founded by Mr George Koumbarakis in 1988.  With the acquisition of some of the latest extrusion equipment and technology, the company began supplying one of the biggest food brands in the industry. K&F Industries has since expanded to supply a wide variety of extruded cereals and biscuits.

Our company’s main focus is to supply these food components to a variety of customers for further processing and incorporation into their finished products.  Over the years, K&F Industries has worked closely with many companies, developing new, innovative and specialised products. Ranging from products to be incorporated into confectionery to specially formulated products for infant and breakfast cereals.

George’s son, Michael, joined the company in 1999 and has since assisted in the company’s expansion and development.

In 2008, K&F Industries undertook a major building renovation to its present manufacturing facility, both internal and external. Thereby enabling us to improve inter-company relationships and to provide safe, quality intermediate products as a sub-contractor to the food manufacturing industry.

The reconstruction involved upgrading the building as well as the manufacturing, receiving, storage and processing areas. It also included the upgrading of machinery and manufacturing equipment where necessary. 

During the building upgrade, and our endeavour to conform to ISO TS 22002-1, ISO 22000 standard requirements, K&F Industries invested a substantial amount, thereby indicating the high value and standing we place on customer satisfaction.

In 2016, K&F Industries acquired additional land and further investments were made to extend the current facility to accommodate additional warehousing and manufacturing space.

Machine Sorting Biscuits

Our History Timeline

1988:  K&F Industries is founded. Owing to his reputation from a previous food packaging business, George Koumbarakis is backed by an international food brand for a new venture – manufacturing extruded cereals.

1989:   The first extruded cereal is produced for a multinational company.

1992:   K&F Industries purchases a flat wafer line.

1993:   The company starts producing wafers.

1996:   K&F Industries purchases a biscuit line.

1997:   The company starts producing short cake biscuits.

2006:   K&F Industries implements ISO 22000 Quality Systems, focusing on food quality and safety. The company also builds a Micro & Analytical Laboratory.

2008:   K&F Industries begins building a new world-class factory with improved design, engineering and food quality standards.

2009:   Expansion Phase 1 commences with major alteration and upgrade of K&F facilities to improve GMP and food safety standards at this site.

2011:   Expansion Phase 2 focuses on upgrading the equipment. Cereal and Biscuit Lines are replaced with new, modern lines.

2011:   K&F Industries is the first private company in South Africa to be awarded FSSC 22000:2010 certification by SGS.

2016:   Expansion phase 3 at K&F begins. Additional warehousing and manufacturing space (1600m2) are added to new site.

2018:   Additional storage racking and logistics equipment are installed to accommodate increased demands.

2020:   Expansion phase 4 - Upgrade production facilities to accommodate future processes

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