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K&F Industries has specialised in the manufacturing of Cereal products since 1988. Our cereal products are manufactured in a large production facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, using the highest quality extrusion equipment and technology.

Our range of cereal products includes crisp rice balls, roller ball centre's, muesli, and much more. Some of our cereal products are oven-baked or oven-toasted, while others are produced using a high-pressure extrusion and air-drying process.

K&F Industries’ cereal products typically find use within confectionery and cereal end-products manufactured by local and international food brands. Each product has its own unique shape, texture, and flavour profile to suit a diverse range of client needs and specifications.

All of our cereal products are Halaal and Kosher certified. 

We are able to customise and develop new products as per customer requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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